The View From Halfway Up/Writing Update

No Bojack Horseman shenanigans to be expected here, in just going to share a little bit of my writer’s journey in finishing my 50,000 word count goal for my first draft.

Initially, I was hoping to write a book that would be about this size but, given the scope of what I’m writing about and the three perspectives it takes (even if two are very brief), I’m starting to see I bit off a teeny bit more than I expected. I can, however, chew the wad I’ve bitten… so to speak.

Anyhoodles, I’ve become somewhat petrified by the process of finding an editor, or, if the gods allow it, an agent (insert heavenly chorus here). The thing is, there seems to be this deep fog of war when it comes to getting published and that can be terrifying, especially when a writer hasn’t finished their first draft.

This is the closest I’ve come to actually finishing something that is entirely my own and I can’t wait to say that it’s finished. But then I’ll need to do a revision, and another, and another. It will be a lot of work. But hey, if that’s what it takes to get to where I want to go, that’s fabulous.

But that pretty much leaves me with where I’m at now: writing the last 15,000 words and being DONE with something. Full disclosure, I’ve written two attempts at novels before this and for both, I never made it passed act two.


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